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It’s key for humanizing your brand

Does your business have an ethical policy? Some kind of statement (or set of statements) about what type of company it is, how it operates, and what its intentions are regarding hot-button topics such as climate change and worker payment? If it doesn’t, then it’s on its way to being an exception, because the pressure on businesses to care about more than profit is growing.

Part of the reason for this is that shoppers don’t need to stick with the same old brands, regardless of how they feel about them. Through ecommerce, and even innovations in hybrid bartering systems, they can source their products in myriad ways — and more often than ever before, they’ll choose to pay a little more to buy from companies they actually respect.

So how do you prove to your target shoppers that you hold the values they prize so highly? Well, there are various options. You can simply list your core values on your website, but this typically comes across as contrived and disingenuous. You can partner with other brands they like, and this can work well, but that association won’t inevitably make them consider you deserving of their time and custom.

Alternatively, you can produce some videos that let you take advantage of those emotional benefits we touched upon earlier. The classic example is the talking-head interview or presentation: just one person from your company talking to a camera about the business, whether prompted by questions or simply talking, can really make a difference if they come across as sincere. If no one in your company genuinely cares about your corporate values, people will notice — but if you do, then getting in front of the camera will make it clear.

These videos are particularly great on landing pages, incidentally, because they give you enough time to fully explain what’s on offer. If you have any such pages set up and you’re in the process of optimizing them to convert, try building them around your videos.

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