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Twitter Will Now Enable Users to Share Topic Listings in Tweets and DMs

Twitter’s adding another way to boost tweet discovery by giving users the option to share Topic listings in tweets, DMs, and even off Twitter, connecting others to key discussions of interest.

Twitter added the option to follow specific topics in November last year as a means to help users – especially new ones – find the content of most relevance to them. With Topics, even if you don’t know who to follow, you can find the key subjects that pique your interest, which can then help boost tweet engagement, and lead you to more specific profiles of interest.

As you can see in the above example, right now, when you share a Topic list, it comes with a generic thumbnail, though Twitter may look to update that in future, as it did with Lists.

Twitter gave users the option to add custom list headers back in May, adding another personalization option. It then rolled out list search in June, giving people another way to find relevant content.

Discovery has been a key focus for Twitter as a means to make the platform easier to understand. A common criticism from new Twitter users in particular is that the platform is not easy to navigate, which Twitter has been working to resolve over the past couple of years with updated tools and options, simplifying the various processes.

Shareable Topics adds another element on this front, while it will also help to boost awareness of Topics as a following option, opening up more avenues for use. 

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