The Top 100 Content Marketers You Need To Follow Right Now

What do the top 10 content marketing influencers look like?

  1. Brian Dean
  2. Rand Fishkin
  3. Ross Simmonds
  4. Ann Handley
  5. Kaleigh Moore
  6. Tim Soulo
  7. Andy Crestodina
  8. Brian Clark
  9. Ross Hudgens
  10. Melanie Delziel

When you hone in on the top 10 content marketing influencers, engagement ramps up big time.

It’s undeniable that these content marketers know how to captivate their audience.

Let’s look at the figures.

The “pro” content marketing influencers…

  • Earn 5.3 retweets for every post
  • Dedicate 59% of their tweets to replies
  • Have nearly 40x more followers (35K) than “followees” (873)
  • Have a domain authority of 60 (based on the link in their bio)
  • Are verified 70% of the time

It’s “social” media for a reason

The difference between the top 10, and the top 100 is vast.

They are 10x more likely to get a retweet than a standard content marketing influencer!

This means they distribute high value, resonant content that their audience is compelled to share.

But the thing we found most astonishing was that these influencers dedicated more than half of their activity to interacting with their audience on Twitter.

More than half! Let that sink in.

The learning here? If you want to become a content marketing thought leader on social media, you have to put the time and effort into being… social 🤯

Answer questions, start discussions – even have a chat beyond the realms of content! (it is allowed)

These “pro” influencers have all built engaged communities rather than passive audiences.

They give back more than they take, and respond to others far more than a non-influencer would.

A zero tolerance policy for content spam

Another thing to note here is that these influencers spend even less time than the top 100 sharing URLs (7% less) and retweeting content (3% less).

That may seem a bit odd.

Surely if they share less, they’d see less engagement?

Well, not quite. 

What this really means is that the top 10 have zero tolerance for content spam

Unlike many on Twitter, they won’t clog up your newsfeed with links to their own content. 

You’ll never see them distributing automated RSS feed blogs, complete with aesthetically displeasing stock images, and no real information to entice you to click.

What they’ll do instead is craft considered and insight-driven posts that resonate with their audience.

Whether it’s through advice, actionable tips, or content marketing observations, these posts will either inspire or empower their audience.

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