The Advice For Working Parents I Need To Take Myself

You need cheerleaders AND truth tellers

I’ve seen a lot of articles about “finding your cheerleaders”.

Whilst it’s great and important to have people cheering you on, I’ve found it as important to have truth tellers in your life.

You need people you can talk to that will tell you straight if you’re in a downward spiral of self pity, or if you are perhaps seeing an issue from just one side.

It’s easy when tired and harrassed by life to let this darken your view of things happening at work.

Someone to remind you that you can’t always be right is equally as important as someone cheering you on.

Lean on your pals

My friendship group is also my lifeline.

We’re a mix of cynical women in our early 40s with a Whatsapp group called “Hot Tub Time Machine” – if I could publish its content we would all be millionaires, but it’s far too inappropriate for public consumption.

What it provides is:

  • Words of encouragement
  • Realism
  • Love from trusted people

My group consists of a mix of working parents – part and full time, self employed, and full time parents.

None of us would profess to have the perfect balance.

We all have bad days and we all need regular advice and at times, propping up.

This is normal and knowing that everyone has their battles whatever the set up and mix is incredibly reassuring.

To build your network, chat to people at events, on the train, in the kitchen at work etc.

And don’t be afraid to get in touch with people you’ve met just once or twice to get their view or advice.

Overtime, you will naturally build a trusted group.

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