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Best Practices for Landing Page Videos That Boost Conversions

Once you’ve created a steady stream of over-the-top (OTT) video content for your landing page, your next task becomes making sure that you’re using them in the most effective way possible. Even the most objectively high-quality marketing videos ultimately won’t be able to generate the results that you’re after if you don’t build your landing pages from the ground up with that content in mind.

Thankfully, there are a few easy best practices that you can follow to help accomplish precisely that. These include:

Keep Your CTA Visible at All Times

If you want someone to take your desired action, you need to make it as easy as humanly possible. Not only should your call-to-action be very simple and easy to understand, but it also needs to be visible – meaning that people need to be aware that it exists as early on in their experience as possible.

For the best results, at the very least make sure that your CTA is visible “above the fold” – meaning that people don’t have to go look for it because it’s right there on the page. If you have a longer landing page with multiple videos, include a few identical CTAs in strategic locations so that it is always at the top of a visitor’s mind.

Similarly, make sure that your video also has a strong and clear CTA, that entices viewers to take the next step.

Design Your Landing Page Around Your Video

Along the same lines, don’t design your landing page and then include your video content as an afterthought. You need to make each video an organic part of the experience you’re trying to create on behalf of your visitors.

Even when you’re writing the text for your landing page, consider ways that you can “transition” people into the experience of watching whatever video you’ve included. Make your video feel like it’s a natural, organic part of your page’s design and you’ll end up with something far more satisfying (and more likely to convert) overall.

Caption Your Videos

Never, ever forget that the vast majority of people who are going to watch your videos are going to do so on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. A lot of people watch video content during their morning commute, for example. If you’re riding a train and you didn’t bring your headphones, you’re probably not going to be playing that content at full volume.

That’s okay – because, in addition to designing a video that can be understood without sound, to begin with, you should also caption all of your video content to help take advantage of this fact. Captions make sure that someone’s experience isn’t interrupted just because they can’t “hear” the marketing message the video contains. If they can see it, that’s perfectly fine – and in some ways can be even more effective.

If you don’t caption your videos and someone can’t understand your content after a few seconds, they’re probably going to hit the “back” button in their browser and never return. Don’t give them an opportunity to go somewhere else to find the information they need and they won’t be able to take it.

Create Marketing Videos With the Right Length in Mind

“How long should marketing videos be?” is the age-old question that, unfortunately, doesn’t necessarily have an easy answer. Generally speaking, your videos should be “exactly as long as they need to be” and not a second longer. This will, of course, be dictated by the format you’re using and what, specifically, you’re trying to say.

Customer testimonial videos, for example, can get away with being one or two minutes in length because you’re giving someone a chance to share their own experience in an emotional way. An explainer video might be a little longer, depending on the complicated nature of the topic you’re actually explaining. In that case, your video might be three to five minutes or more – just so long as it isn’t “boring.”

Wrapping this up…

Overall, one of the most important things for you to remember is that marketing videos for businesses are only going to get more essential to your long-term success as time goes on. This video on demand explosion that we’re currently experiencing isn’t actually a trend at all – it’s a full-blown revolution that is still in its early stages.

As for marketers, it’s also a powerful opportunity just waiting to be taken advantage of so long as you’re able to create the right marketing videos with the right message at exactly the right time. Including as much of this high-value content as possible on your landing pages isn’t just a great way to shed more light on your products and services than ever…

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