Tap Into Trending Content Before Competitors

What content is engaging people in your industry right now? Trending stories reveal what matters to your audience. Trending content is content that drives engagement, passion, shares and comments. When content trends and stories break, you need to be part of the conversation and share your own passion and insights as early as possible. Last to the trending party? You may as well not show up.

Trending content is a feature of every industry. Gaining insights into trending content is a challenge but being the first to know what is engaging your audience and what stories are about to trend gives you a major competitive edge. By knowing what content and stories matter right now to your audience  – or are about to matter – you can create a deeper level of engagement. You can be the first to share viral content, the first to comment and share viewpoints, to create content quickly around the stories that matter most to your audience. In short, you build credibility.

We look at how you can create a competitive edge with the new BuzzSumo Trending content tool.

Introducing BuzzSumo Trending

To stay on top of trending stories in your industry you may currently use a mix of tools such as news readers, Twitter lists, LinkedIn groups, RSS feeds or Facebook feeds. Now with BuzzSumo Trending you can monitor the content and articles that are trending in any topic across all social networks in a single feed.

You can view today’s trending content for all topics and for major categories such as News, Sports, Technology and Entertainment. You can also see today’s trending videos. You can sort content by trending (the velocity of shares) or the most shared stories today.

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