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Snapchat Rolls Out More Ads Certification Courses

Snapchat is adding more courses to its marketer education platform which offers free certifications for different types of direct-response advertising.

A series of courses housed under the umbrella ‘Snap Connect’ allows marketers to learn directly from Snapchat advertising experts.

This is a first for Snapchat, as the company explains in an announcement:

“For the first time, our very own subject-matter experts bring you inside the world of Snapchat to show you how to take your direct-response advertising to the next level.”

Snapchat is currently offering three Snap Connect certifications which are specialized by industry and region.

Marketers can learn how to use Snapchat’s direct-response advertising tools to achieve the following objectives:

  • Drive customers to an e-commerce app or website.
  • Promote an app get more installs.
  • Drive awareness and installs for a mobile game.

To earn a Snap Connect certification marketers go through a series of video-based modules which offer fresh insights, product solutions, creative best practices, and client success stories.

After watching the videos there’s several knowledge checks to go through followed by a final exam.

The entire process of earning a Snap Connect certification – from watching the first video to passing the final exam – is completely free.

This is in contrast to Facebook’s certification programs, for example, in which the material is free but there’s a charge to take the exam.

Let’s take a look at what’s offered in the certification programs.

Snap Connect Certifications

Each of the three certifications offers separate modules for North American and international marketers.

Here’s an example of the e-commerce module for marketers in North America:

Snapchat Rolls Out More Ads Certification Courses

There’s 4 courses ranging from 4 to 11 minutes in length. So it should take roughly 30 minutes to go through all of them.


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Then there’s a 30 minute exam to pass at the end. Snapchat marketers can earn a new certification in around an hour.

All certifications are roughly similar in length and all contain the exact same type of courses.

In each module there’s courses on community insights, advertiser solutions, creative strategy, and success stories.

To view the content and take the exam it’s necessary to have a Snapchat Ads Manager account.

Marketers with an Ads Manager account are also eligible for a certification program launched this summer called Snap Focus.

Snap Focus Certification Program

A certification program launched in June, called Snap Focus, teaches marketers the basics of advertising on Snapchat.

Snap Focus is broader in scope compared to Snap Connect, and the material goes into greater depth on each topic.


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Videos range from 9 minute to 33 minutes in length and there’s no final exam. Completing all 6 videos will earn marketers a Snapchat Ads Manger certification.

Snapchat Rolls Out More Ads Certification Courses

Expect more of these types of courses from Snapchat in the future.

Source: Snapchat for Business

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