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Pinterest Adds New iOS Widget to Enable Pinners to Feature Boards on Their iPhone Home Screen

Tapping into the iOS-14-inspired trend of customized home-screens, Pinterest has today launched a new Pinterest widget for iOS 14, which enables Pinners to feature a board of their own, or one they follow, on their iPhone home screen. 

As explained by Pinterest:

“With searches on the platform for topics like “indie ios 14 homescreen” (15x), “widget iPhone aesthetic” (19x), “Neon icons for apps” (14x) or “Black and white icons for apps” (14x)1 surging in the past few weeks, it was clear Pinners wanted Pinterest to be part of their iOS 14 home screen, and make use of the new customization features now available on their phones. So much of the content on Pinterest – from inspirational quotes to seasonal image and fashion ideas – are perfect matches for that wallpaper aesthetic.”

As noted, a new feature within iOS 14 enables iPhone users to customize their home screens with new widgets and the ability to replace app icons. Upon release of the new update, the top three free apps in the App Store on were widget editors, while users have been sharing their new, custom layouts online and discussing how to best optimize their displays.

Instagram provided users with new options to customize their app logos earlier in the month, and now, Pinterest is looking to align with the same, with the prominent widget also helping to boost exposure, and ideally, app usage.

To add the new Pinterest widget:

  • Hold an area on your screen and tap the plus sign in the upper-left corner to choose from widgets
  • Select the widget’s size and add to your home screen
  • Select a board of yours or one you follow
  • The image on the widget will change on hourly or daily basis, depending on the Pinner’s preferences, with an option to add a small or large-sized widget (medium-size isn’t optimal for Pin length). Tapping the widget will direct to that Pin in the app.
  • To move the widget, hold it and place it in the best spot. 

It’s a good addition for Pinterest, which as noted, could help improve engagement by keeping Pins front of mind. 

The Pinterest widget is available to all Pinterest users from today. 

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