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LinkedIn Releases New Guides to Help Marketers Maximize Their On-Platform Efforts

LinkedIn has published three new guides designed to provide specific guidance on how brands can maximize their marketing efforts on the platform.

As explained by LinkedIn:

The ‘Read Me’ series by LinkedIn is a trilogy of essential guides that will equip you with insights into our platform, its features and functionalities, and how you can best leverage these to achieve your marketing objectives, no matter what they are.”

As noted, the guides cover three elements:

Each guide contains a range of in-depth tips and insights, including functional overviews, charts and pointers as to which tools and options to use for specific goals.

There are also in-depth breakdowns of each element, with notes on why and how to optimize specific sections and tools:

LinkedIn brand building guide

There are also checklists for optimal practices:

LinkedIn brand building guide

And rundowns of the best options for your objectives:

LinkedIn brand building guide

There’s a lot packed into each guide, and this is only a brief overview of what you can expect. If you’re looking to make LinkedIn a priority – which, maybe you should, given that the platform is seeing record levels of engagement. If LinkedIn is a bigger focus for you, and you want to get more from your efforts, it’s worth taking a look through these latest guides, and ensuring that you’re covering all your key bases.

You can download all of the new LinkedIn Brand Building guides here.

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