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LinkedIn Adds New Resource Hub to Provide Support for Underrepresented Groups

With the COVID-19 pandemic adding more challenges for underrepresented groups, LinkedIn has launched a new resource hub which includes a range of resources and guides to help provide more support for individuals and organizations.

As explained by LinkedIn:

“We believe that diversity, inclusion, and belonging can unlock an employee’s full potential – no matter their background. Together, we can focus on giving underrepresented groups an equal chance to build careers.”

The hub includes links to platform functions and best practice guides, as well as information on its ‘All In’ diversity and inclusion program.

There are also LinkedIn Learning courses to consider, as well as a listing of LinkedIn’s diversity, inclusion, and belonging partners.

LinkedIn underrepresented

The initiative is part of LinkedIn’s broader focus on creating economic opportunity for every member of the global workforce.

Earlier this year, former LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner announced that he would be standing aside from the role in order to shift his attention to how the platform can connect more people with relevant opportunities. Using its unmatched professional dataset and network, Weiner is focused on finding new ways to use LinkedIn to broaden connection, which could help people of all backgrounds find the right role for them, even if they lack the personal connections that are often the key pathways to such positions.

Inclusion is another element of this approach, in ensuring that all people can find the right career. It’s an ambitious goal, with various challenges to address, but LinkedIn has already introduced several initiatives along this line.

And with the COVID-19 pandemic causing even greater economic division, such efforts could play an increasingly important role in the eventual recovery. As more people look to find new roles, and adapt to the changing professional landscape, it’s important that nobody is left behind, and LinkedIn is looking to play its part in facilitating professional connection in this respect.

You can check out the new LinkedIn hub here.

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