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Lead generation – collecting great amount of high-quality (a.k.a warm or hot) leads (that is the contact data of potential customers) is a typical goal for landing pages, but can work on homepages to some extent as well. The most popular information you can get via lead generation, is an e-mail address. It is also one of the most effective data, because it provides an opportunity to establish a regular contact with the lead. A lead generation process is one of the pillars of online marketing and e-commerce, greatly helpful in building a customer’s base.

Better search ranking – trying to improve your brand recognition can bring your company a much desired attention… so does a significant rank in search engines. Of course, it’s yet another long-term goal, that cannot be achieved overnight. Start with selecting efficient keywords and optimize content on your website or landing page. Strengthen your efforts with backlinking strategy and guest posting. Be sure to check your results every now and then.

User engagement – building up a website is tough enough without thinking of how to make it appealing and engaging for the visitors. Let’s make it even more difficult by trying to come up with one-of-a-kind content and design. Though it’s not easy to measure, improving your website’s content will increase users engagement, no doubt about that. another thing you could do, is to make your landing page or homepage load faster by optimizing image and video size, reducing the number of unnecessary elements, extra sections and so on. 

Conversions – once you get your site high up in the search ranks, gather visitors and their attention, it’s time to use it for your advantage. Make conversion a natural next step for everyone who pays a visit to your website. Getting conversions will be much easier on landing pages, but wisely-designed homepage should also do the trick, depending on what type of conversion you expect. 

Sales increase – a very popular one, yet one of the most difficult goals to achieve. After all, almost every company would like to see their websites positively influence sales. Simply put – working hard on fulfilling all the goals mentioned before, should take you straight to sales increase. Prepare for a long journey, though. The effects won’t appear overnight.

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