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Step 4: make it intuitive

No one will fall in love with your landing page at first sight, but they may get interested in it, if you play your cards right (see Step 2: making it accessible). It’s time to review your landing page specifically to determine the hierarchy of elements you’ve used on it.

We’re already after the first impression and users are still here – it’s a sign that we have every reason to respect their time, as they decided to trust us with it.

Take a look at your landing page and say which parts of it are worth checking out by your personas. Got it? Now cut off the rest – if they don’t need it, it shouldn’t be on page. Then see what’s left and make use of those tips:

Tip #1: send a clear message
If you flub this one, it’ll be the last thing users will read on your landing page. Focus on saying something interesting, yet relevant and give a reason to read on. Then it’s time for CTA. Make it (literally) outstanding and relevant. Say a word about it, if you need, but don’t go too far – people get bored faster than you think.

Tip #2: avoid stock images and videos at all costs
Illustrate the product, event, service, or whatever is the core of your landing page, but with high quality resources. If you want the offer to look professional, be professional.

The real question, when it comes to intuitivity, is: will the visitors find your landing page easy to go through? Are sections connected with each other logically? Is CTA saying what it’s supposed to say? Once you answer all those questions with “yes” (“no” shouldn’t even be taken into consideration) there’s still one last thing: a form.

Every decent landing page ends with a form (or a button leading to next step of the funnel). There’s nothing more important than great finish, because it is the very moment, when people will decide, if they will go further (leave the lead, sign up for an event, download a file etc.), and your form may convince them to take an action, or repel them for good.

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