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Instagram Adds New, Post-Level Age-Gate Tool for Branded Content

Instagram is looking to add another level of protection for both brands and users by enabling businesses to set minimum age requirements for branded content.

As you can see in these new settings, Instagram creators can already set a minimum age requirement for their entire profile, but they’ll now also be able to establish age restrictions for individual posts.

As explained by Instagram:

“Businesses and creators can now set a minimum age for their branded content feed posts on Instagram. They can set a default minimum age or a minimum age for specific countries, or a combination of both.”

That’ll come in handy for brands looking to promote products in different regions, where age restrictions in different product categories differ.

Of course, there are overarching age restrictions already in place for certain product types. Alcohol, over the counter drugs, financial advice, etc. all come under specific regulatory categories on the platform, which already limit such promotions. The new process will add another way to control the same, and ensure that you’re adhering to legal requirements while maximizing your promotions.

Instagram’s been moving to improve its age requirements to protect younger users after various reports suggested that young people were unwittingly sharing their personal contact information in the app.

Last December, Instagram added new age checks in the account creation process, while it also began experimenting with minimum age checks for business accounts to stop younger users sharing contact information in an effort to get the added insights available on business profiles.

One report, released last year, suggested that more than two million 12-15 year-old Instagram users currently have their phone and/or email information publicly listed on the platform, which is clearly a major concern for the app. 

Given this, providing more options to limit exposure, and protect younger audiences, is important, and this will give brands another tool to manage their outreach.

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