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Landing page analysis is a cornerstone of your success. Define your campaign goal in tools such as Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, or Facebook Pixel, so you can import their information to Google Ads or Facebook Ads. It will make any advertising system achieve your goal more efficiently by displaying advertisements to recipients with the highest potential.

A single, well-defined goal is enough, but you can analyze the visibility of every section, button clicks, or time spent on the page.

Advertising creation

The more your advertising creation is adjusted to activities and messaging, the more it will involve the recipients. Special actions are easy to create – they can be completely different from those you use on a daily basis. Thus, you can go a little crazy with your offer or highlight it in a different way.

Remember that every advertising system has its own advert format. You or your graphic designer will need time to prepare them before your advertising activity starts.

Alternative for a recipient

Even if you believe that your offer will crush your competition, don’t forget that it is your recipient who makes the final call. A landing page with only a buying option will result in buyers but, but it will leave out those who are interested, but not ready to commit to purchasing just yet.

You can create the second goal and an alternative way to achieve it – implement a pop up on your landing page reminding recipients to choose wisely. A pop up may act as a sign-up to your newsletter, an encouragement to share the offer with friends, a place where you can download some extras, or order a consultation. Eventually, every step should lead to conversion – even when some recipients prefer to take their time with decisions.

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