How to use BuzzSumo: 15 Things You Can Do In 30 Days

Manage your brand’s reputation & avert crisis

A lot can happen in 30 days. Cancel culture is alive and well, and brand’s are no exception to that rule. Remember the infamous Kendell Jenner, Pepsi campaign debacle in 2017? That unfurled in less than 48 hours, and within three days the ad was pulled through some quick-turnaround crisis management.

Time is very much of the essence when it comes to brand reputation management, and 30 days is definitely more than enough time to minimize the fallout of an ill-judged decision.

The thing that’s most important here is momentum, and you’ll quickly notice that BuzzSumo tops nearly every other monitoring tool out there for speed to insight – even Google Alerts! But don’t just take our word for it…

“In my opinion, BuzzSumo has one of the best brand monitoring tools on the market. And I should know. I’ve tried em’ all. And since I started tracking mentions with BuzzSumo in 2014… I’ve noticed that it finds more brand mentions than any other tool.”

Brian Dean, Backlinko


So, make sure you have all your most important alerts configured, and set your most important ones to deliver straight to your inbox, either as they appear, or every day.

Early bird? Get your alerts before breakfast, and make a plan for the day ahead. Night owl? Scan your mentions before bed and let that sleeping brain think up some unique opportunities. In short, get alerted at a time that suits you best.

Be a brand hero 🦸🏾‍♀️

If you’re part of a growth team, comms team or just love to share a good brand story, quickly and easily hook-up your mentions to Slack.

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