How To Schedule Multiple Tweets Like A Pro Marketer?

The key to successful marketing on Twitter is consistency—the kind of consistency which doesn’t lack quality too.

But let’s be honest, it gets quite hectic sometimes to maintain the tweet consistency in the world of social media marketer, let alone quality.

And you, as a new social media marketer, must be facing the same problem.

The recent transition from handling a single account to managing multiple social media platforms can take a toll 😩 on your performance. 

But, what can you do to maintain an active and qualified Twitter presence while conducting other day-to-day activities of your new job efficiently?

Well, you can learn how to schedule tweets!📅

Twitter scheduling allows you to create and schedule multiple tweets way ahead of time so that you can always keep your feeds filled with quality content, without the hassle of manual posting.

In this blog, we will discuss why scheduling tweets is necessary, how to schedule a tweet, and best practices to follow for better scheduling.

Let’s dive in.

Why should you schedule tweets?

You might be asking yourself this question 🤔- Why do you need to start scheduling when you can always follow the conventional way of tweeting?

Well, you don’t.

Unless you want a better, more sweeping, and a productive marketing strategy that reaches more people, which, in turn, engages more people and the snowball effects continue till generating qualified leads.

Let’s go into details.

1. To maximize your visibility and engagement

According to statistics, over 500 million tweets are being sent on the platform per day, making it hard for brands to cut through the noise and achieve better engagement.

But there is a way around it.

You can still get more eyes on your content by rolling out tweets on your personal best time to post on twitter.

That way, you can tweet when your audience is on the platform to get the maximum visibility and engagement before it gets crowded over by other tweets on their feed.

But how can you cover all of your best times efficiently?

By scheduling tweets. 

With scheduling in your arsenal 💪, you can create tweets in advance and schedule to publish them at the best times. Thus, cutting the hassle of manually waiting for the right time to come.

Wait, there’s more.

Scheduling also widens your reach in different time zones of the world 🌍by automatically posting at odd hours that you wouldn’t cover with conventional tweeting.

2. To improve productivity

Look at your social media calendar.

How many tweets you are planning to post in a day. We generally post around 10 tweets throughout the day. On top of that, we also frequently post on other social media platforms.

Do you post at the same frequency?

Imagine halting your work 10 times in a day to tweet out something at the right time. It would thrash your productivity 📉.

Productivity VS Multitasking graph

Thanks to the scheduling feature, now you can move your attention towards creating a better social media content strategy while it takes care of your postings.

Indeed, With more time in hand comes more productivity 📈!

3. To plan proactively

Finally, the option of scheduling well ahead in time also gives you enough time to sit back, relax, and create a cohesive social media content strategy that tells your brand story much better.

Think about it.

Now you can take out time at the starting of the week and schedule all your tweets in advance rather than logging in every time throughout the month. This process allows you more time to plan and make your content creation tasks more organized.

On the other hand…

You can prepare for an upcoming product launch 🚀, events 🎫, or the holiday season 🎄 in advance.

Plan your tweets proactively

Having the scheduling option in hand will allow you to plan a creative social media promotion that would run automatically on Twitter during these special days, while you will be focusing on crunching sales numbers.

Now that we are on the same page about how crucial twitter scheduling is in making your social media performance better let’s discuss how you can schedule tweets.

How to schedule tweets using the Twitter scheduler?

Twitter also has its native scheduler, which gives Twitter ads users the limited capabilities of scheduling and managing their tweets.

Let’s break down the step-by-step process of scheduling tweets using the Twitter scheduler.

But wait…

First, make sure that you are signed up for Twitter ads already. If not, go to and register.

Now you can use the twitter scheduler to post your creatives.

To access the Twitter scheduler, click on the blue button at the Twitter ads page’s top right corner. It will open up the tweet composer for you to create and schedule your post.


You can create your tweet in the box, adding different media options, such as images, videos, Twitter cards, or polls. Once you have crafted your tweet, select how you want it to get posted.

You can check the “Promoted only” box to send the tweet towards your paid campaign; otherwise, leave it unchecked to post it organically.


Now, schedule your tweet using the calendar, asking you to choose publishing time and date – you can select a date up to a year in advance. Fill it and then click on the “Schedule” button.


And it’s done. Wasn’t that simple? 

The Twitter native scheduler is an excellent tool for individuals and solopreneurs looking to automate their single account tweets.

But you are way passed that era.

Now, you are a social media marketer 🏋️or a marketing agency handling multiple Twitter accounts, along with taking care of your client’s cross-platform presence.

Not only that but as a new kid in the block, you have to prove your social media performance by analyzing multi-channel performance and make a concrete social report out of it.

On top of that, you face several challenges of:

  • Curating quality content in insufficient time.
  • Targeting the right audience with your tweets.
  • Building a proper social media calendar plan.

And much more…

That’s where you need third party Twitter management tools like SocialPilot to save the day.

How to schedule tweets with SocialPilot?

Before we continue, I would recommend activating a 14-day free trial of SocialPilot. So you can understand the overall functionality better as we walk through the process of scheduling tweets.

If you are already an active user, then let’s continue.

SocialPilot allows you to have more centralized control 💪over multiple Twitter accounts while giving advanced functionalities beyond just scheduling tweets, such as multi-channel scheduling, social media analytics, social media calendar, team and client collaboration, etc.

As far as scheduling is concerned,

SocialPilot lets you schedule, draft, review, and manage multiple tweets of different Twitter accounts from a single dashboard.

Moreover, it also gives you the ability to bulk schedule tweets (up to 500) at once about which we will discuss briefly later in this article.

But first,

Let’s see the 👉 4 easy steps to schedule a tweet in SocialPilot.

Step 1: Go to your SocialPilot dashboard

Once you are all done with creating a SocialPilot account and setting up your Twitter profiles, you will be taken to the dashboard of SocialPilot.

To reach the post composer box from here, click on the left-hand side menu and select the “Create Post” option.


Step 2: Craft your tweet

Here you can create your tweet just as you do on Twitter.

To make your tweet more engaging, customize it with different multimedia options available, such as videos, single or multiple images, Gifs, and emojis.


Moreover, you can give your tweet additional location context to reach out to a new audience or participate in the local conversation for better targeting.


You can also reach out to other accounts by adding “@” followed by their profile name in your tweet to get more reach and engagement.

Step 3: Select your Twitter accounts

Once you are done crafting your tweets, it is time to select the twitter account for which you want the tweet to be published. Just step out of the tweet composer and navigate to the right side to select the post’s destination account.


You can also schedule the same tweet for other social media platforms that you will find in the “Select Accounts” section, just by checking the box beside their name. That’s how you can create one content for multiple social media platforms and share it at once.

But remember,

When it comes to twitter, you can only schedule the same message for a single Twitter profile because the Twitter APIs consider using the same tweet for multiple accounts as spam.

Now that you have crafted your tweet and selected your account, it is time to schedule it.

Step 4: Schedule your Tweet

Scheduling your tweet is just a one-click step, but apart from that, you got other scheduling options:

Add to queue: You can use this option to schedule your tweet for the next available time according to your pre-set schedule.

Share now: No time in between, Instant sharing.

Share next: This option will put your tweet on the top of the queue to be sent next.

Repeat Post: To schedule the same tweet on repeat for multiple times across multiple days.

Click on the “Schedule Post” option to…

Add to queue

…pop-up a window on the top of your screen, where you can select the publishing date and time for the tweet. You can also repeat the tweet by adding more schedules.

Schedule Post

Voila! Your tweet is all scheduled and ready to be automatically published on its time.

Imagine the things you can focus on once you don’t have to worry about maintaining social media accounts’ consistency by posting manually.

How to schedule multiple tweets in bulk?

As a social media marketer, you have an obligation to manage upcoming events and product launch on social media while maintaining the daily dose of tweets throughout the days across the month.

Needless to say,

You will have the whole month’s tweets already planned in a spreadsheet to be published.

In that case, it would be a drag to schedule each post individually.

We have a solution – the bulk schedule feature!

SocialPilot’s bulk schedule feature allows you to schedule 500 images or article tweets at once, using a CSV file, saving you from wasting a colossal amount of time.

Isn’t that amazing!

Wait, what is a CSV file?

A Comma Separated Value file (CSV) is a plain text file consisting of data separated by commas and semicolons. Generally, they are used to exchange complex data between different forms of application. To learn how to create a CSV file easily for bulk scheduling, click here.

Besides Twitter, you get the bulk scheduling feature for multiple social media platforms, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Tumblr.

Let’s break down the process of scheduling multiple tweets at once with bulk scheduling using SocialPilot.

Step 1: Upload your CSV file

Scheduling these many tweets is easier done than said. All you have to do is drag and drop or click in the dotted square box to upload the CSV file.

Bulk Schedule

Step 2: Review the Posts

When dealing with so many tweets, it is better to have a last-minute check before scheduling them.


Once your CSV file is uploaded, you will be directed to the preview window. Here you can review all the posts alongside their images and make any required edits.


Moreover, you can see all the posts having an assigned account in the CSV file and the tweets which don’t have an account given yet. Further, you can select the accounts for all the posts with no account assigned.

Now, click on the “Select Account” button.

Step 3: Bulk schedule multiple tweets in one click

You are all set. Click on the “Schedule post.”


Your bulk posts are all scheduled and ready to be posted once their time comes.

How to manage posts after scheduling?

Once you are done scheduling your tweets, they get queued into another section called “Manage posts.”

What can you do in this section?

Here you can get a clear picture of every scheduled and bulk scheduled posts. This section will allow you to have complete control over your posts even after being scheduled.

Let’s take a brief look at all the features available in the “Manage Posts” section.

Queued Posts: It gives you the listicle view of all your scheduled posts and their posting time, date, and destined social media platform. Here you can edit, delete or move any post’s position in the queue.

Unscheduled: You will find your posts in this tab for two reasons only: if you had added a post in the queue without having a time slot defined for an account; If you had scheduled more posts than your account limit.

Delivered: Under this tab, you will find all the posts that have already been delivered using the SocialPilot.

Error: You will find all the posts rejected by the social media APIs under this tab. Fret not; you can always modify and schedule them again.

Pending Approval: Did I tell you about SocialPilot’s team management feature? No, check it out. Under this tab, you will find all the posts that are yet to be approved by the account’s admin.

3 Tips ⚡ to follow while Scheduling Tweets

Tip 1: Use your personalized best time to tweet

As we have discussed above,

Use your personal best time to post on twitter to quickly reach and engage with more people relevant to your niche.

But how do you get the best time to post?

It’s simple. You can use the tweet activity chart from your Twitter analytics to see how much engagement you have received by the day, for all the tweets you have sent in the selected time frame.

Tweet activity

And then you can compare it with another graph of twitter analytics, which shows your most popular posts along with their posted date📆, and how much engagement😍 they have garnered.

Top Tweet

But you need to keep track of the posting time of each tweet in a spreadsheet since twitter doesn’t show you the same next to your most popular tweets.

Luckily, SocialPilot’s Twitter analytics gives you a complete list of all your top tweets and their date and time of posting, so that you don’t have to manage a different spreadsheet for tracking time.

Tweet performance

Cobbling up the best time and days will give you a clearer picture of your high engagement times. Experiment with them further to pinpoint the best ones.

Tip 2: Keep track of your tweet frequency

Just because you have the means to send multiple tweets effortlessly doesn’t mean you keep at it aimlessly.

So how many tweets do you send in a day?

3…10…50…it doesn’t matter how many tweets you send in a day as long as you adhere to your social media objectives.

But don’t forget to align your tweet scheduling frequency with your marketing goals 🎯 perfectly.

To do that, decide what your social media goal is?

It could be getting more exposure to your tweets or building good relationships by having more engagement.

Once you have your objective aligned, keep an eye 👀on them while you experiment with your tweet frequency. As long as the numbers remain in your favor, you are on the right track.

Here’s one ⚡ tip:

Do not compromise the quality of your content for the sake of the number of your tweets.

Here’s another ⚡ tip:

If you ever feel low on the content side, take the help of some of the best content curation tools to maintain the flow.

Tip 3: Remember the Pause button

Sure, you should utilize all the free time you’ve got in other aspects of your marketing, but remember, Twitter works as an up-to-the-minute news source too. So make sure that any of your scheduled tweets should not be insensitive to the unprecedented breaking news.

If such an event arises, you should remember that you can always pause your scheduled tweets to avoid any faux pas.

SocialPilot allows you to pause all your queued tweets at a single click 😌. To learn how you can pause all of your scheduled activities, click here.


In this competitive era of social media marketing, adding a Twitter scheduling tool in your marketing tool stack has become more of a necessity than a mere option.

Look at the bright side here! 

You are reaching your audience at the right time, getting more engagement 😍, and having more productivity. 

What more could you ask?

So whether you are a new social media intern at a firm or handling multiple accounts at your new agency, using a tweet scheduler will make your road ahead less bumpy.

What’s next?

Start using SocialPilot to manage the whole nine-yards of Twitter scheduling and achieve your Twitter marketing goals.

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