How to Increase Blog Traffic with Simple Keyword Research

Why is Keyword Research Critical for Increasing Blog Traffic?

You have two choices for building your blog traffic: organic visibility or paid. Most platforms offer both options.

For example, Facebook lets you create a page and build an audience organically. However, you can also pay to promote specific posts and reach more people.

Google also lets you optimize your blog content and earn slots in the search results. Meanwhile, you can run pay-per-click advertisements for specific keywords on Google as well.

Organic traffic is ideal because it’s free (other than whatever you spend to create the content itself).

Here are a few ways to increase blog traffic through effective keyword research.

Reaching Your Target Audience

To get your content in front of the right sets of eyes, you’ll want to research which keywords they type into Google (or other search engines like YouTube).

Once you have a list of keywords, you can structure your blog posts to include them. Keep in mind that your goal is to please readers – not search engines. A 100% optimized blog that isn’t well-researched or interesting won’t earn rankings or traffic.

Optimizing Social Media Content

Did you know that each social media platform functions as its own mini search engine? In fact, YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world!

You can optimize your content for each platform around certain keywords and increase blog traffic through the links you share.

Refreshing Old Articles

Google appreciates fresh facts and new content. It’s important to run keyword research every so often and update your existing blogs – especially ones that already rank well.

You can use your keyword research to add new sections to your blogs or rework the target keyword entirely.

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