How to Improve Your Email Outreach Effectiveness

Scale What Your Can

If you find yourself cringing at the thought that any part of an email outreach campaign should or can be scaled or automated, you haven’t probably done enough of them.

Perhaps, you can afford to handle everything through copy-pasting your contact and typing a new message if you do 10-20 emails a day. And you can probably do manual follow-ups by finding all those emails in your “Sent” folder and seeing which ones had no response.

And looking back, you can probably evaluate the effectiveness of your campaign by remembering that you heard back from 1-2 of those bloggers, your success rate was 10%-20%

But let’s face it, even if you do get one link from that effort, it will not make much difference as far as your site traffic or rankings are concerned.

If you really need results, you’ll have to send hundreds of emails and you may find yourself looking for a person (or several people) to help you with some parts of that process. And yes, more often than not, you’ll start looking for tools to make your outreach strategy actually doable and possible to account for.

At IMN we are using lots of internally-developed tools for that allowing us to craft a well-informed and effective link building process.

But if you handle your outreach at home, here are a few tools to help make your outreach campaign possible to implement:

Monitor Your (and Your Team’s) Email Productivity

Email Analytics helps you track your and your team’s progress and productivity. It shows how many emails are being sent and how quickly your team responds to emails. It provides daily and weekly email activity reports allowing you to spot areas that need your attention:

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