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Selling your products online is far from being a walk in the park – especially if your branch is broad and full of competition. But fear not! You can make it significantly easier by using proper marketing tools – like Shopify – as well as by promoting your goods with landing pages – made in editors like Landingi. And the best way to build a successful e-commerce environment is to mix these two. Get to know how to create the best landing pages for Shopify with Landingi!

Before we get into details, tips and Shopify landing pages examples, there’s one question worth answering. Why bother with landing pages, especially if you already have a well-functioning online store? Aren’t product pages enough to present your offer?

Fact number one: Online shopping is getting more and more popular. 2020 has been a very strange moment in our lives, indeed, with more and more businesses going online (for example, U.S. online sales of groceries in June reached a 9% increase over May). We may debate whether the growth was caused by the pandemic or the convenience of online shopping. But you can’t deny the fact that it’s getting crowded in the e-commerce sector.

Fact no. two: One of the largest eCommerce platforms, namely, Shopify, now allows users to add their own landing pages to their stores. No wonder – external editors allow a lot more possibilities of customization and Shopify is well aware of that. If eCommerce platforms allow adding landing pages, there must be something useful about them, right?

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