How To Create Space In A Busy Schedule To Enjoy Life

It’s not uncommon to hear someone respond with their version of “I’ve been busy lately” when someone asks how they’re doing.

And it’s okay when that’s the truth from time to time.

However, something’s amiss when busyness becomes an everyday reality with no room to enjoy life.

How do I know?

That’s how I lived my life prior to the pandemic.

I was blinded by the promises of hustle culture and packed my schedule with more tasks than I could manage.

It didn’t end well.

My unhealthy pursuit of busyness turned into a lack of wellness, affecting every aspect of my life from my physical health to my spiritual wellbeing.

And only at that point, I realized I lacked free time in my daily life.

That revelation led to a simple and impactful journey where I now create space in my busy schedule for family, hobbies, and more! Yes, even while working a full-time job, managing a business, investing in my marriage, and raising a toddler 😊

So I’m here to share proven ways to navigate life’s demands and live a full life as a working parent.

What is a busy schedule?

According to the Collins dictionary, a busy schedule is a calendar full of tasks or events with specific deadlines that make you unavailable for anything else.

For example, that could look like working 24/7 with little sleep. Or, it could look like a day full of endless chores and errands with no personal time.

No matter the scenario, we can agree that a busy schedule feels hectic and allows no space for self-care or leisure.

Then why is it so addicting?

Why we love busyness

Honestly, we associate limited time with social status.

We, unintentionally or intentionally, participate in this unspoken competition to prove how important we are based on how jam-packed our schedules appear to be.

We want to feel valued.

But doing it this way is a lie!

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