How I Finally Perfected The Work-Life Balance & You Can Too

Actionable tips for achieving a good work-life balance

Previously, I was finding myself dealing with frequent burnout, exhaustion, writer’s block, and somehow having no free time.

I naively assumed that working for yourself means automatic work-life balance.

Oh, I was so wrong.

Being a freelancer means that you have to create the systems and boundaries to support a healthy balance.

After freelancing for nine years, I learned a few tricks which I will share with you now.

1. Create a schedule and stick to it

I don’t work evenings or weekends.

I know that isn’t the norm for many freelancers, but hear me out.

Previously, I would pull 12-hour days finding myself sleeping in and throwing off my routine and schedule.

I would waste entire weekends at the computer attempting to work, but not realizing why I lacked the motivation or inspiration.

You need a break. Plain and simple.

I stop working by 6pm every weekday and avoid the computer on Saturday and Sunday.

After I created these boundaries something incredible happened.

My productivity skyrocketed, I was in a better mood come Monday morning, and my mind was fresh with creative ideas.

If you find yourself bending the rules for one client or another then I suggest using something like Calendly.

I set my schedule in the system, and when someone wants a meeting I send my personal link.

No more repeating your schedule in emails and calculating time zones.

It also helps you to stick to your word and respect your boundaries.

2. Keep a detailed calendar and to do list

A detailed calendar and to-do list can go a long way.

I keep all of my scheduled appointments in my Google Calendar and my daily tasks in Notion.

Each Monday I review both to see what I have coming up and what might be missing.

This gives me a clear vision of what I have to achieve that week to set my expectations.

I know that it will take me a certain amount of days to complete a project, so I break it down into pieces, and add those to my daily tasks.

Being able to check off those things from my list gives me a blast of dopamine to keep me going and motivated.

3. Weekly mastermind calls

Weekly mastermind calls are a game changer.

Yes, it is one more meeting to have each week, but it can help you to focus on the things that matter.

I have regular video calls with colleagues in my industry where we discuss what we have been working on, any issues we are encountering, share possible solutions, and just offer moral support.

These calls help me to prioritize my schedule while also removing my imposter syndrome anxiety demons.

I also like to see it as the digital water cooler chat since I spend my work day with a cat that never responds to me.

4. Automate, automate, and automate

With so many options for automation there is no need to worry when you step away from the desk.

Almost every program out there offers some sort of automation for their services.

BuzzSumo offers a range of incredibly useful tools that continue to work even when you are off enjoying life or fast asleep in bed.

There’s custom alerts, mentions, and viral content in your niche straight to your inbox so you can hit the ground running next time you are ready to work.

I couldn’t choose just one so here are some of my favorite ways to achieve work-life balance with BuzzSumo…

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