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We have recently reached an exciting number! A front-end developer has joined Hostinger as the 1000th employee worldwide! We decided to sit down with Tomas and talk about his career, his path into development, long-term dreams, and how Hostinger fits his aspirations. 

Tell us about your career path. What led you to IT?

As weird as this might sound, IT was my calling from a very young age. It was around tenth grade that I started falling in love with it. I had a wonderful young teacher who showed me how fascinating the IT world can be. He was the one who urged me to learn more about IT and pushed me to study it. After that first initial experience, I decided to join the Kaunas University of Technology, where I met people who shared the same passion.

When and why did you join Hostinger? What does Hostinger’s mission to make life easier for web developers and small-medium businesses mean to you? 

I joined Hostinger on September 1st, so you could say it was like going back to school. It was definitely a new beginning. I heard a lot of great feedback about Hostinger as an employer and a service provider, so I started researching more and more about it. One thing led to another, and I got into several interviews with people from Hostinger, where they amazed me with how happy they were with their jobs and the company environment. First, it was hard to believe that a company with so much passion could even exist, but now I am able to see it with my own eyes. I want to be part of this mission and help to accomplish it. 

How did you spend your first weeks in your new role? What surprised you the most?

I have spent my first weeks trying to get to know people that I will be working with and got familiarized with our projects. What surprises me the most is how cooperative and passionate every member was about what they do. Each of them thinks about what they can do best to reach better results in the  team, and are supported and rewarded for it by their colleagues and upper management. The teamwork here feels like one-of-a-kind. Everyone is helping each other and is willing to do what it takes to improve.

What is your go-to productivity trick?

Good sleeping schedule. Being tired won’t bring efficient results. And try to do your tasks in the morning, not the evening when you have less energy.

Are you tech-obsessed? What inspires you in the tech field?

I feel that the entire world is tech-obsessed, yet some just don’t realize it. All the new technology is moving forward and becoming part of everyone’s lives. I got this idea quite some time ago and want to be part of the driving force that improves it. Just looking back 5-10 years ago, I wouldn’t believe the variety of technological advancements we made could look absolutely normal today. What that tells me is that there is still much more that can happen. The thought of being part of at least one of them brings me joy, excitement and motivates me to try to be better every day.

What is the best thing that has happened to you recently? 

Joining Hostinger would be too simple? Another thing that brought me joy was buying an electric scooter and riding it around town with my family. It was pretty enjoyable to ride with the wind. Once again, a tech advancement that is causing a major change in the way people commute in big cities. Such an exciting time we live in. 

Striving for the highest standards and delivering results is challenging. How do you keep the equilibrium between work and life? Tell us about your hobbies. 

I love playing board games with my friends and family. From funny social ones to long and filled with complex decision making. Also, I play some RPGs (role-playing games) such as D&D (Dungeons and Dragons). It is a great leisure time for me to relax by becoming a heroic figure for several hours. Currently, it’s a form of escapism from the daily routine, an opportunity to recharge my batteries and reboot my brain. Yet, I have a long-term dream of owning my board game place to increase its popularity in Lithuania. 

If you are allowed to go to one place, where would it be, and why?

I was always interested in Japan. I’m attracted by its legends in ancient history. I wish to someday go there and visit ancient temples and all the exciting places it offers. The culture has always fascinated me as it’s quite different to Europe. The Samurais, anime, tech culture and even the food scene have their own aura, their own unique heritage and flavour. I believe it would be a unique experience. 

We all congratulate Tomas on starting his successful journey at Hostinger!

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