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Building backlinks is a complicated process. Using a free backlink checker tool is one of the easiest ways to discover what you can do to boost your backlink profile. It can help you to conduct link research on both you or your competitors’ sites.

  • The basic information about backlink and link-building
  • How to check your backlink and know your current profile
  • Way to use a backlink checker – BacklinkGap

If you want to rank on Google, you have no choice but to build links.

However, link building is time-consuming and hard. As you may have guessed it, you’ve got lots of work to do. Research, analyze, create, reach out, and be consistent. Thus, you also need to track whether your link profile and traffic improve.

Manually checking and evaluating your backlinks is always going to be a boring process. So a backlink checker is designed and created for you.

Let’s start with the definition.

A backlink, also known as an external backlink, is when another site links to your website somewhere in their content. This could be on a blog post, a service page, or on any other page on a website.

Backlinks are the currency of the web. The websites that have plenty of them are deemed “authoritative” and are rewarded with high rankings in Google. While websites that don’t have any are bound to obscurity.

Backlinks are important for SEO. The amount of authentic, high-value backlinks that you have back up the quality of the content on your website. Search engines like Google use the quality and number of backlinks as a ranking signal.

how to get backlinks - google rankings vs backlinks

Even the ninth and tenth positions have an average of over 30,000 backlinks.

Just having a backlink alone isn’t enough to rank high in the SERPs. The backlink has to be of good quality as well. A single good-quality backlink is worth thousands of low-quality backlinks. So, let’s move to the information about quality backlinks.

Being able to see your backlink distribution can also help you identify potential problems. You need to know how you are doing, what problem you are facing, and what you need to gain more backlinks.

A backlink checker is a tool that can help you do a lot of SEO backlink work.

Backlink Checker:

A backlink checker can help you monitor your backlink profile so you are immediately notified when any poor-quality sites link to you.

It also provides an understanding of potential link-building opportunities so that you can gain more positive inbound links that will benefit your site. Since you can monitor which pages are gaining positive backlinks, you will also have a better idea about which content is resonating the most with your audience.

There are a number of tools in the industry. It might be confusing when you are looking for the best free tool on the internet. Don’t worry. We are going to introduce you to one of the best tools that you can use for free – BacklinkGap.

What you can do with BacklinkGap to discover your backlink profile:

  • Evaluate your backlink’s profile strength
  • Identify if your backlinks are “dofollow” or “nofollow”
  • Uncover your most common type of backlinks
  • Get all-time backlink data

If you want to keep improving, you must analyze the data from the SEO backlink tool and find the next solutions. Backlink analysis is a comprehensive review of a website’s backlinks to analyze the site’s performance and identify issues that could affect its search engine ranking.

You can regain the lost links:

A good tool gives you information not only on the recently gained but also recently lost links. When you know where the problem is, you can regain lost links and ultimately keep good link juice flowing to your site.

Has your link been deleted in particular? Was the web page deleted? Is it a 404’ed page? Find the issue, and get those links back!

You can use link-building tactics to gain more backlinks:

There’s no single right approach to link building and your choice of tactics will largely depend on your industry, your website, your resources, and your goals.

Conceptually, most link building tactics and strategies fall into one of the following four buckets:

Manually add links to websites.

If you can go to a website that doesn’t belong to you and manually place your link there, that’s called “adding” a link. The most common tactics that fit into this category are:

  • Business directory submissions;
  • Social profile creation;
  • Blog commenting;
  • Posting to forums, communities & Q&A sites;
  • Creating job search listings;

Building links via those tactics is very easy to do. And for that exact reason, those links tend to have very low value in the eyes of Google

Reach out to website owners directly to ask for a link.

You can start by reaching out to the blog’s owner and building a relationship. You can sign up to any newsletters they offer, follow them on social media, leave comments on their blog posts… In general, the more you give, the more you will get back.

Request to put up a guest post after establishing your relationship with them and demonstrating that you have things that are worth saying.

Get organic links from people who visited your page.

You “earn” links when other people link to pages on your website without you having to ask them to do so.

This obviously doesn’t happen unless you have something truly outstanding that other website owners would genuinely want to mention on their websites.

But people can’t link to things that they don’t know exist. So no matter how awesome your page is, you’ll need to invest in promoting it. And the more people see your page, the higher the chance that some of them will end up linking to it.

Exchange money for links.

Umm… Yes. You can actually buy for backlinks. You just need to spend money and get a number of backlinks with that. BUT, don’t do that if you really want to rank top on the SERPs with quality traffic.

Even when you buy links, Google can spot it out and your content in the eye of the search engine will be marked.

You must keep monitoring your backlinks

A good link management tool allows you to also monitor exactly what you are doing.

One of the most profitable things you can do with your link data improves your SEO. This is just what the whole game is about, right?

backlink checker tool's monitoring feature

Ultimately, we use data to make an informed decision about certain issues — and it’s the same case here. If your goal is to increase the traffic to your website, you need to build links. And to build links, you need to find those opportunity gaps. You should not keep your eye out of this backlink work. It doesn’t mean that you need to sit and see the data and charts day by day.

With a backlink checker like BacklinkGap, you can get your report daily, weekly or monthly, and analyze it afterward.

Using a backlink checker isn’t optional in the current SEO landscape. Knowing as much about the people linking to your site is imperative. How to check backlinks of a site can be a hefty task; however, the work pretty much becomes simpler with such a backlink checker.

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