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Facebook Adds More Ways for Creators to Track and Monetize Their Content on Facebook and Instagram

Facebook’s looking to help content creators maximize their revenue opportunities by providing more ways for them to claim monetization rights when their content is re-posted across The Social Network, while it’s also giving more creators access to its content claim tools.

The main change relates to claiming ownership of duplicate content, and associated ad revenue within such.

Now, within Rights Manager, creators will be able to set up new rules for detecting duplicate content as it’s posted, then claim ad revenue, where applicable, from that content via the tool.

As explained by Facebook:

“We’ve improved our Collect Ad Earnings tool and are expanding availability, which means that more creators will be able to collect ad earnings from matching videos that include in-stream ads. We’ve added a new filter view for spotting monetizable matches, better guidance for how to capture monetization opportunities, exportable revenue reports, and the ability to collect ad earnings while placing an ownership link on the matched video.”

That will help creators better manage their content, and maximize their revenue potential, by staying across all re-posts and re-uses throughout Facebook’s network.

In addition to this, Facebook’s also expanding access to Rights Manager, in order to give more creators more control over when, how and where their content is shared content across Facebook and Instagram. 

“Creators of all sizes will now be eligible to join Rights Manager, in the interest of ensuring more people on our platform are able to protect and manage their IP.”

Enabling creators to detect and claim the rights to their content is a key element in the monetization and management process, and while it can be a difficult area (as we’ve seen with YouTube’s copystrikes), as more creators look to monetize their work, such tools will only become more important.

Given this, these new advances will be helpful, and will provide more ways for creators to better manage and maintain their Facebook and Instagram activity.  

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