Bring In 2021 With Cashback On All Your Advertising Spend

Claim cashback on all your advertising spend with our exclusive Revolut offer. Claim your cashback below, or click Adzooma’s new in-app Opportunity.

2020 was a difficult year. But, we made it through and we’re full of hope and optimism that this year will be better. 

And to help make that a reality, we’re offering you cashback on all your Google, Facebook and Microsoft advertising spend thanks to our exclusive partnership with Revolut

To make it easier, we’ve added in-app widgets and a brand new Opportunity for you to claim. Just sign in to your account to get started, or follow the instructions below. 

Who is Revolut? 

Revolut is the fastest-growing fintech in Europe, providing a simple, innovative way to manage your money and deal with your finances. 

With over 12 million users, 12,000+ daily sign-ups and $5.5 billion in monthly transactions, Revolut is proving that clunky banking apps are a thing of the past and carving a new future of slick, intuitive finance management. 

It offers: 

  • Instant spending notifications and weekly insights
  • The ability to set smart budgets 
  • Instant discounts or cashback for thousands of partners
  • Zero fees for international payments 
  • And much more

Revolut is also 7x better at stopping card fraud than regular banks, keeping your finances secure. 

Thanks to the Adzooma and Revolut partnership, you can claim cashback on all your Google, Microsoft and Facebook advertising spend by simply signing up to Revolut and connecting your accounts to Adzooma. 

Activate cashback from your dashboard 

For Adzooma customers, we’ve made it easy for you to activate your cashback. In your dashboard and accounts page, you’ll see this brand new widget promoting this offer. This space will always be reserved for important offers, so make sure to give it a look. 

Or, you can click the brand new Opportunity that we’re created for you. This Opportunty sits under a brand new category: Partner Offers. Here, we’ll be showing you all offers that you haven’t activated yet which will help your business grow.

An image of the Revolut cashback Opportunity inside Adzooma

Only exclusive partner offers will go here. Adzooma may be free, but we’ll never bombard you with advertising. 

New to Adzooma?

You can still claim your cashback. Here’s what you need to do: 

  1. Open a free Revolut business account here
  2. Create a free Adzooma account and connect your Google, Facebook or Microsoft accounts. The more accounts you connect, the more you’ll earn. 
  3. Make sure you link your new Revolut business card to your ad accounts. 

And that’s it. You’ll start earning for every account you have, ready for a big cash payout. 

Now, all that’s left to do is think about what you’ll do with that extra cash.

Smarter advertising management.
Completely free.

You made it to the end of our article, go you! As a reward, we’ve got a special
offer for you.

You can get the entire Adzooma platform, for free. That’s access to one-click improvements, intelligent reporting that automatically updates and much more for your Facebook, Google and Microsoft ads.

It’ll be the best advertising management platform you ever use.

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