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The customer acquisition process is essential for your business success, and it needs to be implemented in an effective way.

Its definition states it is the process of bringing new customers to your business. Its goal is to create a systematic and consistent customer acquisition strategy that can evolve with new changes and trends as they appear.

The strategy you should adopt is heavily influenced by the model of business you operate in –  as it looks different in B2B and B2C model.

In B2B, the process may be a little bit more complex than in B2C due to different communication objectives. B2B focuses on long-lasting relationships and refers to logic, facts, and measurable qualities while B2C is more into quick sales and affecting emotions.

The studies have proved that these differences have a significant impact on using different channels when acquiring customers. B2B takes advantage of email marketing (as it is used by 88.6% B2B marketers), while B2C model focuses on social media (used by 90.3%).

Nevertheless, it doesn’t necessarily mean that once you operate in the B2B model, you should center around email marketing exclusively and ignore the other forms.

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