8 Remarkable Facebook Marketing Tips You Should Follow This Holiday

As a business, you wouldn’t want to miss out on the huge potential sales that you can realize for the holidays. But in order for you to achieve that, you will need to beef up your marketing campaigns.

One of the channels that you particularly need to focus on is Facebook. It is with no doubt that Facebook marketing is one of the most effective strategies today, so it can help you make the most out of the holiday season.

Facebook caters to 2.89 billion monthly active users, and still growing every quarter. 42% of marketers give high value to Facebook because they think it is essential in their business. It shows that Facebook is too big of a social media platform not to host your holiday marketing strategies on it.

Here are 8 of the best tips that can help you do the best Facebook marketing campaigns for the 2018 holidays:

1. Study Facebook’s Holiday Guide

Facebook releases an annual holiday planning guide to aid advertisers. This can help business in coming up with campaigns that are compliant with Facebook’s guidelines on effective marketing strategies.

But, if you are looking to create a striking holiday campaign on multiple social networks. Here is an all-in-one social media holiday season guide to create a successful campaign.

That said, make sure that you read this year’s holiday guide and use this to lead the direction of your Facebook marketing campaign. Facebook’s 2018 holiday guide is filled with helpful insights, as well as a campaign planner that can help you schedule your campaign to bring about the most effective schedule.

2. Create a Personalized Holiday Selling Experience

Personalization is vital in coming up with a winning marketing campaign. This stands true even for Facebook marketing. With there being too many advertisements that customers will bump into across different channels, those that are personalized are the ones that stick.

In order to personalize your marketing strategies, you will have to do your part in understanding who your customers are, and what appeals to them. You will have to gather data not only on the demographics of your customers but also what appeals to them. One of the ways that the latter can be achieved is by understanding past orders, or product searches.

Create personalized marketing strategy

One example of a highly-personalized marketing strategy (and highly-engaging as well), is Coca-Cola’s “Share a Coke” campaign. The campaign began in Australia, and since then, the company has helped people “Share a Coke” in more than 100 countries.

They gave their consumers a chance to express themselves through a bottle of Coke, and let them share their experience with their friends and family. This campaign is a way for them to build a personal relationship with their customers.

The success of the campaign helps marketers and advertisers to realize the importance and the need to personalize the communications message.

3. Publish Your Posts at the Right Time

Another important aspect to look into is the timing of your posts. For all marketing platforms, including Facebook, a success factor that you should consider is when to post content for maximum benefit. You will want your posts to have immediate feedback, which can be attained by publishing at the best time to post on Facebook.

There is no one way to tell when your customers are active as this differs depending on who your customers are. So you will have to check available Facebook insights tools as to what your specific audience’s most active times are.

Facebook Page Insights can also help you do this. It can show you when your fans are online so that you can schedule your posts accordingly. To do this, you can simply go to the Admin panel on Facebook, then click Check out Page Insights. From there, check Posts, and then select When Your Fans Are Online.

The result will show your followers’ activity for a week, so you can find the best days of the week, and the best time on those days when your posts can be published.

Facebook insights

Knowing key dates and time to publish your posts, you can then schedule your posts for the most effectivity using facebook marketing tools. Facebook also gives you the ability to schedule your posts in the future so that you would not need to manually do it on your chosen schedule. You can do it ahead of time then have it published on the schedule you want.

With all these, there is no reason why you would not achieve timeliness. Match this with content quality and you are sure to achieve the desired results.

4. Host Exciting Contests on Holiday Theme

To engage your customers, you can come up with interesting activities such as contests that are fit for the holidays.

When you come up with contests, make sure to pay attention to the following key points:

  • Determine your goals for your contests. Is your goal to increase brand awareness or improve conversions? Your goal will help you guide what campaign you will launch.
  • Ensure that the value of the prize can grab the attention of your audience. Are your prizes interesting enough to encourage your audience to participate? Can your marketing budget sustain these prizes?
  • Plan your contest properly, and perform smoothly. With the right understanding of your goals, make sure to plan your contest in order for you to organize it with no sweat, and with maximum results.
  • Evaluate the results that your contest, and check if your goals have been met. Determine whether your strategy worked. If not, check what led to that and make sure that you consider the cause for future activities.
Host exciting contests

QVC has an ongoing sweepstake for Thanksgiving. By just simply entering your email address, you can have a chance to take home $50,000. This allows them to engage a lot of potential customers, while at the same time improving their mailing list.

5. Produce Different Ads for Your Big Sales Event

Sales are definitely big around the holidays.

To help stir a buzz so that participation will be met, ensure that you come up with several ads that will not only disseminate that there will be a sale but to encourage your target customers to actually purchase during the said date. For example, create a Facebook video ad! Videos almost never fail to evoke emotions!

Capitalize on what benefits your customers can enjoy if they bought during the sale, and make it a point that each of the holidays has their custom promotion that can really pull in people.

Don’t make a single campaign that will last for the entirety of the season – craft dedicated campaigns for each of the holidays. This way, you can come up with strategized campaigns that are more capable of meeting the desired results.

Produce different ads

Take Kohl’s for example. It offers different promotions for different holidays as seen on the above images. With this, their customers would keep on coming back for newer offers, as compared to having just one offer for the entire season.

6. Utilize Collection Ads to Advertise Better

Collection ads are Facebook advertisements that follow a format that Facebook itself has set. It helps the ad to become more effective based on studies that the social media giant has done.

Facebook has 4 templates for its advertisers, each is applicable for a specific goal:

  • Instant Storefront:. Best for advertising four or more products, Instant Storefront features a format that can help display your products in a way that your audience can see them easily, without the need to leave Facebook.
  • Instant Lookbook: Instant Lookbook helps you effectively digitize your catalogs, as well as feature your products in action.
  • Instant Customer Acquisition: If you are aiming for conversions, Instant Customer Acquisition is designed just for that. This format is designed to drive people to take action on your site.
  • Instant Storytelling: And if your goal is to tell your brand’s story, then the Instant Storytelling format is your best choice. It helps you convey your message in an engaging manner.
Utilize collection ads

Adidas makes great use of Instant StoreFront, allowing Facebook users to see multiple products within the limited space. Users can then press the tile that says more in order to find more products.

7. Implement Facebook Dynamic Ads

Facebook dynamic ads offer a way for your ads to be visible to users whose interests fall into your brand. Simply set up a campaign for your products, and this will be shown to people with matching interests.

This is a great way to ensure that your Facebook campaign is effective – pushing it to users who are most likely to respond positively to your campaigns. What’s more is that the preference of the users is not limited to what is done on Facebook or what is specified on a user’s account, but as to what a user searches anywhere on the World Wide Web.

Implement Facebook dynamic ads

If you, for example, searched for Uniqlo, you would most likely see the above ads. It is also worth to note that dynamic ads can be designed either as a carousel or as a single image, so you can opt for whichever works best for you.

8. Find Your Audience by Training Your Pixel

Facebook Pixel allows you to track the activities of users who were led to your website by your Facebook ads. But Facebook Pixel doesn’t just store activity data – it helps Facebook understand your audience better. By doing so, Facebook is able to identify the best audience for your ads, allowing your campaigns to reach the best potential customers.

In itself, Facebook Pixel allows you to track the following actions from your audience:

  • Which pages your audience view
  • What searches were made on your site
  • What items were added to the cart
  • What items were added to the wishlist
  • When your audience check out their carts
  • When your audience key in their payment information
  • When your audience complete a purchase
  • When your audience become a lead by signing up for a free trial
  • When your audience complete a registration form

Knowing these actions helps you know what your campaigns are achieving. You can then craft better campaigns off of this knowledge. This can even be amplified when your ads are being shown to a more appropriate audience as Facebook learns more about your target audience.

It is therefore essential that you make use of Facebook Pixel not only to craft your Facebook campaigns but to help it be pushed to the most appropriate audience.

Facebook pixel track leads

You can further make use of Facebook Pixel track leads. For example, with the above ad, there can be two events: landing on this page, and signing up. While both cases would mean that the users are interested, those who do sign up did so because the offer worked for them. You can also track those who didn’t sign up and maybe push for a different offer that might work for them.

Make it Big this Holiday with Winning Facebook Marketing Campaigns

E-commerce sales are highest around the holidays. It is essential that you be able to have a share in this by implementing winning Facebook marketing campaigns. The seven tips above can help you achieve that and more.

So follow them and let the sales come in!

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