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Discover over 60 free email newsletter templates to help you build subscriber relationships and drive sales!

It’s impossible to have a business without customers. But, getting customers — especially loyal ones — can be a real challenge.

Email newsletters are one of the best ways to create a loyal following of customers. By sending consistent emails that provide value, you can build trust and get your subscribers to buy.

Now, you might be thinking, “if it’s that simple, why doesn’t everyone just start sending out email newsletters and immediately achieve success?”

The answer — because it’s not that simple.

Building an engaged audience takes time and effort. But, you can get a headstart by using one of our professionally-designed templates as a basis for your newsletters.

Below you’ll find some of our top newsletter templates for different industries, ready to try out on your list!

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Free Newsletter Templates to Revitalize Your Email Marketing

Of course, there’s not going to be a one-size-fits-all newsletter template that works for every business.

Different organizations will have different goals for their newsletter campaigns. So, the content, calls to action (CTAs), and even the design should also be different.

Sendinblue has over 60 eye-catching HTML email newsletter templates for different types of campaigns and businesses. You can access all the templates on our Free plan. Plus, you’ll get other handy email marketing tools to maximize your success.   

These fully responsive email templates help you create newsletters that look great across devices — no need for graphic design or coding skills. They’re ideal for small businesses who want to send professional email campaigns while saving time and money.

You can easily customize templates to your brand with our intuitive drag and drop editor. Then, once your newsletter design is ready, see how it looks on different email clients like Gmail and Outlook. 

How to use the templates

To use our free newsletter templates in your Sendinblue account, follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to the “Campaigns” tab and click “Create an email campaign”. 
  2. Complete the “Setup” information, including your campaign name and subject line. 
  3. Click “Next step” to move to the design stage, then select “Template gallery”.
  4. Select your desired template to move on to the drag and drop editor.
  5. Customize your template, for example change the color scheme, add your text, and replace images.

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Ecommerce newsletter templates

Newsletters are a vital element of ecommerce email marketing. You can use them to update your audience about new offerings and discounts or share other helpful content.

The goal is to keep customers informed and coming back to buy again. The free newsletter templates below showcase different ways to achieve this and drive online sales.

Concrete Skate Shop

This first newsletter template is for a fictional online skateboard shop. The design includes several classic elements of an ecommerce newsletter:

  • Highlighting a seasonal sale: One of the most common CTAs for ecommerce businesses is the seasonal sale. You can adapt this section to any categorical sale that encourages customers to browse your online store.
  • Referral programs: Customer referral programs are a great way to grow your business. Take the chance to promote them in your newsletter.
  • Social media CTA: Besides selling a product, many ecommerce sites are also selling a lifestyle linked to their products. Social media can play a big part in promoting this lifestyle aspect of your brand. So put your social links front and center to encourage customers to follow you.

Sekai Coffee Company

This ecommerce newsletter template is for a fake online coffee retailer. It offers a different approach to reach customers:

  • Featured products: This type of promotion works for stores with fewer products in their inventory or products that are more seasonal.
  • Helpful articles: Showing customers how to get the most out of your products will help strengthen your relationship with them between recurring or short-term purchases.
  • Referral program with a signing bonus: This template also includes a referral program but adds an incentive to make it more appealing. This is another good option for businesses looking to grow their average basket value or orders per month.
Ecommerce newsletter template for a coffee retailer with featured products and articles

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Retail store email newsletter templates

Newsletters for brick-and-mortar stores share many features with those for ecommerce businesses. The key difference — they aim to drive shoppers in store rather than to their website.

Stores can use email marketing to build customer relationships between visits and offer incentives for them to return. The newsletter template below provides a formula to achieve this.

Looking for holiday-themed templates to promote your seasonal offerings? Check out Sendinblue’s free holiday email templates. They include newsletter designs for Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, as well as seasonal greetings for Christmas and New Year.

Tables & Chairs

This template includes several sections to entice newsletter subscribers in store, including:

  • New products showcase: The main CTA encourages subscribers to explore a new collection. Add your own product information and imagery to spotlight individual items.
  • In-store offers: The section for in-store specials and the final exclusive offer give subscribers the nudge they need to come back for more. 
  • Store information: Make it easy for shoppers by adding useful details like your opening times, location, and phone number.
Template for a retail newsletter, including store information and offers

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Blog and media email newsletter templates

When it comes to blog and media company newsletters, the strategy is different.

People don’t sign up for a blog newsletter to receive discount coupons or sale notifications. Instead of generating sales, these newsletters aim to build an engaged community of readers through valuable content.

Your newsletter should promote your best content and give readers an easy way to find it. And this template will help you do just that.

Personal Swim Coach

Our template takes a fitness website example and contains the following sections:

  • Original intro: Media websites often create content around certain themes throughout the year. Your newsletters can follow similar themes. It’s a good idea to add some original editorial content in the intro as context for the theme or topics you’re promoting.
  • Featured download: Many blogs create in-depth resources like eBooks or infographics to give their audience extra value. Promote this content with a download CTA in your monthly newsletter.
  • Helpful articles or videos: This is a no-brainer — newsletters are the perfect place to promote your best articles of the month that readers may have missed. If your focus is video content, include links to your top videos instead.
  • Testimonial: If you have successful case studies or testimonials, include them in your newsletter to emphasize the value you provide and instill trust among your subscribers.
Newsletter template for an online media company with intro and featured content

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SaaS newsletter templates

For SaaS companies, newsletters are for nurturing leads and building customer relationships. So, they should be educational, professional, and most of all, full of value for the reader.

This means including helpful articles, product updates, and other content that establishes your company as an industry leader. And this SaaS newsletter template includes all that and more.


Our template is based on a SaaS personal finance platform called PayHouse. It includes several elements that every SaaS marketer should consider for their newsletter:

  • Product updates: Since SaaS tools are always evolving and the industry is so competitive, it’s essential to communicate any updates or new features. Newsletters are built for this type of announcement. Give readers an overview of the product updates, then add a CTA to encourage users to test them out.
  • Featured articles: SaaS companies must be an authority in their product’s domain. This means sharing content that showcases your expertise as a company while suggesting the benefits of your tool.
  • Webinar signup: Many SaaS companies use webinars to give in-depth tutorials on advanced features or share insights in their field. Newsletters are one of the best ways to promote this type of content to your users and wider audience. You can also use this section for an eBook or infographic download.
  • Customer support contact details: The last thing you want is customers becoming frustrated because they can’t figure out a problem with your tool. Make it easy for them to contact your support team or find helpful resources, even in emails that aren’t customer support focused.
Template for an SaaS company newsletter with product updates and content features

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Nonprofit newsletter templates

Nonprofit newsletters differ from other companies as they are mission, rather than sales-driven. This means they must communicate your organization’s story and activities to drum up support among subscribers.

To do this, your newsletter should be educational, but also actionable. People don’t automatically stand up and support a cause — they usually need some encouragement.  And that’s where the newsletter comes in. Our nonprofit newsletter template shows you exactly how it’s done.

Blue Wave Association

This nonprofit newsletter template uses the example of an organization combating ocean pollution. Note these key elements:

  • Event CTA: Most nonprofits rely on events to continue raising funds. Highlighting upcoming events in your newsletter is a great way to increase signups and spread the word to new supporters.
  • Featured story: To secure donations, nonprofits need to prove their impact. Including a featured story that showcases this impact will tell readers they’ve made the right choice in supporting you.
  • Multiple “Donate” CTAs: As you’ve seen, nonprofit newsletters should be actionable. Remind readers that you need their donations to continue making an impact in the community.
  • Support articles: Including articles related to your field is a powerful tactic to show the importance of your work.
Nonprofit newsletter template with donate CTAs, stories, and events

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Find the Perfect Newsletter Template for Your Business

Newsletters are one of the best ways to start building relationships with your customers — so don’t wait to start sending!

Check out our full range of HTML email templates by signing up for a free Sendinblue account. With this, you’ll be able to send up to 300 emails a day for free, with unlimited contact storage.

And if you need more inspiration to make these templates your own, check out this list of top email newsletter examples. Or better still sign up to our very own newsletter to get marketing tips and resources direct to your inbox.

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