6 Ways to Generate New Halloween Content Ideas Every Year

In the Topic Explorer, you can also see related keywords and content ideas. In fact, if you click on the ‘Insights and Content Ideas’ report (see above) you can quickly tab through ‘Insights’, ‘Content’, ‘Questions’ and ‘Keywords’ all in one place. So good, it’s scary! (Last one, promise).

6. Find out what’s trending

Remember when everyone used to dress up as Harry Potter or one of the blue Na’Vi from Avatar? Some Halloween costumes, themes and activities are popular every October, but many are time limited or culturally specific.

Knowing what kinds of new content trends every year in your market is key to informing your Halloween strategy. Is there a particular product that’s caught people’s eye this year? Are they more intrigued by decorations than Halloween makeup? Just what piques your audience’s interest?

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