10 Tips For Setting Boundaries While Working From Home

3. Take serious advantage of being at home 

The problem: “I’m sick of my house”

Set a boundary: Create your dream office, and use work time to do boring house tasks.

Yes yes, when you’re working from home you can put the wash on, use your lunch break to tackle mini cleaning tasks, go shopping at an unusual time between meetings when the supermarket will be empty.

But this is psychologically important too, so that when you clock off, those annoying jobs are out of the way and you can put some space between work and play. 

If you’ve ever taken a holiday day for life admin, you know what I’m talking about here.

It’s about setting the mental boundary that lets you play multiple roles at home. 

You have to be the office manager and look after your workspace, but you can also be the CEO who gets to dictate exactly how the office runs. 

And then you get to be neither of those when work finishes.

Taking advantage of working from home looks like planning an extravagant lunch, getting your favorite snacks in, and making yourself quite literally as comfortable as possible. 

Plus, you’re free from office dress codes.

There’s a reason athleisure sales have spiked during the pandemic 😉

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