10 Best Marketing Agency Partner Programs to Boost Revenue

Are you looking for additional revenue streams for your marketing agency?

Are you also interested in growing your own business while helping clients improve marketing, real-time WP protection, or ecommerce revenue?

Or, are you looking to sell synergistic products and recommended marketing services using your customer list?

Perfect, we’ve selected ten partnering programs for agencies to help you boost revenue and get educated in featured tools and services for optimal reselling and affiliate opportunities:

  1. GetResponseAll in one marketing automation platform
  2. WP EngineWordPress security tools
  3. JustunoEcommerce AI tools
  4. ActiveCampaignCRM and marketing automation platform
  5. ArticFull–Stack marketing, service, and productivity software
  6. AdrollMultichannel marketing platform 
  7. BirdeyeMessaging platform for customer reach 
  8. KlaviyoSMS and email marketing software
  9. DripEcommerce revenue engine platform
  10. Index DigitalHubSpot and Google agency partner

Before we get to agency partnership programs, it’s worth mentioning that some software companies, SaaS businesses, marketing platforms, and other agencies are not disclosing the earning information due to the agency approving processes. 

Some will evaluate your locations, number of employees, and overall agency ROI and earning potentials prior to disclosing the reseller gains.

However, we will present these ten companies that feature partnership programs, why you should or shouldn’t partner with them, and, if disclosed – earning streams. 

1. GetResponse

This is us, a complete marketing automation platform looking forward to having you as a partner. 

We help customers generate leads, engage with customers, sell knowledge, services, or products by featuring tools for: 

To partner with us, we offer two programs fitted for small and large agencies looking to increase revenue:

REFER: Marketing Agency Affiliate Program

REFER: GetResponse Marketing Agency Affiliate Program.

This free-to-join partnership program includes promotional materials (e.g., banners, videos, sales copy) and cookie and promo code tracking.

Reasons to choose the GetResponse’s Referral program:

  • Fast-growing complete marketing automation platform – you know you would be partnering and referring to a highly-rated product that strives to beat competitors with all-inclusive features.
  • Attractive commissions – there’s no earning cap; you’ll receive 33% of a referred customer payment each month or a $500 bonus for referring a GetResponse MAX customer.
  • 120 days conversion period – even if your referral visitor doesn’t convert immediately, you can still earn your commission if they return within 120 days (120 days cookie). Sales are attributed based on the last click referred. 

Reasons not to choose the GetResponse’s Referral program:

  • Your agency clients do not require digital marketing (automation, branding, or consulting services)

It’s improbable to stumble upon businesses that don’t require digital marketing features. Still, just in case, we wanted to cover desirable customers to help you better understand and prepare for affiliate or reselling programs.

RESELL: GetResponse MAX Partnership Program

RESELL: GetResponse MAX Partnership Program.

This program features a 35% discount on sub-accounts, unlimited contacts on the master account, dedicated account management support, and the best industry solutions to run campaigns and to resell. 

Reasons to choose the GetResponse’s RESELL program:

  • The MAX plan is personalizable – the MAX plan is dedicated to businesses with a list ⪫ of 5000 contacts. The advanced features include: 
  • SMS marketing
  • Transactional emails
  • Account migration support
  • Up to 500 team members
  • Dedicated support
  • Single sign-on (SSO)
  • Dedicated IP address
  • GetResponse’s sales team will educate you – all the questions you might have regarding the program and the best ways to resell the product will be answered by the sales team.
  • You’ll get a 35% discount on sub-accounts – for each sub-account, you can invoice customers for a full price and keep the 35% 

Reasons not to choose the GetResponse’s RESELL program:

  • This program is not free – to join, you will need to agree on the monthly payment of $120 or an annual program for $1000. However, initially, you can opt for the REFERRAL program and eventually opt for RESELL if your current budget is limited.

To test features and learn about GetResponse, you can sign up for the Free-Forever plan here.

2.  WP Engine

WP Engine.

WP Engine hosts WordPress security features that include real-time threat detections, daily backup and uptime, and cloud-based platforms flexibility management.

WP Agency partner program is dedicated to WordPress users that require data protection, including medical departments, ecommerce, small and large agencies, IT service providers, etc.

There are three levels featured in Agency partnership programs.

WP engine agency programs.
  • Member – this program includes partner portal access, advanced development tools, co-branded landing page, partner communication, partner directory listing (listed), and free development account.
  • Advanced – this program includes everything from Member account and basic joint marketing, Case by Case basis, dedicated sales support, lead referrals, and featured partner directory list.
  • Strategic – in addition to everything from the Advanced program, it includes custom-onsite training, labs/product feedback, and preferred partner directory listing. 

Reason to choose WP Engine program for WordPress users:

  • Education and training – you’ll receive technical training, referral and networking guidance, and product roadmaps to help you start reselling the WP engine. In addition, by joining this program, you will gain early access to new products and features.
  • It’s free to join – there are no charges to start with the program. However, your incentives will depend on your level – the more conversion, the faster you move from Member to Advanced and to Strategic partnership. 
  • Percentage-based payment – you’ll receive 8% New MRR in the Member program, 10% New MRR in Advanced, and 12% in the Strategic program.

Reason not to choose WP Engine program for WordPress users:

  • Referred customers must be active for 90 days – for your payment to go through, all referred customers must be active users of the WP engine for 90 days. If you keep your customers as WP engine users for at least 90 days, your payment will be processed monthly.
  • You can only be enrolled in one agency program – meaning that the affiliate program is not available for Member, Advanced and Strategic programs. Initially, an affiliate program is not created for agencies due to its restrictions in client communications, but it is dedicated to traffic boost.

3.  Justuno


Justuno is a conversion and analytics platform that feature tools for retailers to help them grow ecommerce business. By using AI technology, it analyzes billions of data to create visitors’ profiles from any lead from your website. 

Reasons to join exclusive agency and service partnership program with Justuno:

  • Free-forever Justuno account – you can use features for your agency website to improve an onsite experience and test tools before recommending them to future customers.
  • There are two plans for agencies – Professional services and Justuno Plus. With a Professional services plan, you offer support for low agency bandwidth, design, and strategy support. Justuno Plus is for agencies that require some boost for targeting, strategic, and AI features. 
  • Education – dedicated CRO account manager will help you to find opportunities to promote features such as commerce AI features, work with you on lead captures, banners, analytics, and targeting in the Justuno Plus, and account manager in Professional.

Reasons not to join exclusive agency and service partnership program with Justuno:

  • Undisclosed payment for agency partners – it is unclear how much you will make for reselling Justuno plans. 

4.  ActiveCampaign


ActiveCampaign is an automation platform for emails, CRM, and marketing. 

ActiveCampaign is looking for automation experts, agencies, and consultants to partner with to help them manage customer accounts and help them grow their businesses. 

With ActiveCampaign, you can:

  • Resell/Whitelabel
  • Bring new customers
  • Clone the accounts

Reasons to partner with ActiveCampaign:

  • Training – you will be assisted with onboarding, you will gain access to agency-focused webinars, and an assigned specialist will work with you.
  • A Sandbox account – this account will help you showcase ActiveCampaign features to clients and will contain all information on the progress. Every partner will have access to these accounts.
  • Updates on products and features – early access to new features will help you create presentations for the clients.

Reasons not to partner with ActiveCampaign:

  • Undisclosed earning fee – ActiveCampaign states that you can choose between direct customer billing or reselling. However, there is no available information on percentages and earning periods.

5.  Aritic


Aritic is a business ecosystem software dedicated to improving customer experience. 

Aritics features a PinPoint agency partners program to improve visibility for your own agency and customers and generate ROI with exclusive agency benefits. 

Reasons to partner with Aritic:

  • You keep 60% of revenue – depending on how much you charge customers for Aritic solutions (you decide the price), you can obtain 60% or more in your commission. 
  • Dedicated support – each agency will be assigned an account manager. In addition, you can contact Aritic via email or phone if there are any issues. Agency technology support is free, and if this is still not enough, there are around 50 training videos you can watch at any time. 
  • Electronic contrast and signatures and payment gateways – in just a few clicks, you can send contracts to your clients to be signed electronically and receive payments online on the same day. 

Reasons not to partner with Aritic:

  • No disclosed payment periods – it is clear that your revenue will depend on the pricing you decide when reselling the account. Still, there is no disclosed information on payment prions (monthly, quarterly, yearly, etc.)

6.  AdRoll


AdRoll is a marketing platform for ecommerce that combines email, social media, and web to help you deal with abandoned carts, retarget brand awareness, and customer loyalty.

AdRoll is featuring agency partnership programs dedicated for those that can help clients build stronger relationships with customers to grow their revenue. 

Reasons to partner with AdRoll:

  • AdRoll Certification – AdRoll features and online training portal to help you become an expert in digital advertising and platform features. You will be presented with the industry updates and marketing resources to understand better how to help your clients with better audience reach. 
  • Support – you will gain access to ad campaign management tools and agency dedicated support to get up and running fast. 
  • Share insights with clients – manage ads, relocate ad spendings and deliver information to your clients based on the reports provided by AdRoll. All of this is available on a centralized dashboard. 

Reasons not to partner with AdRoll:

  • Undisclosed earnings – there is no information on earning percentages and payment periods. 

7.  Birdeye


Birdeye is a messaging service that helps you get reviews and referrals, collect leads, run surveys and ticketing for a better customer experience and brand awareness. 

Birdeye features SaaS solutions for resellers/ agencies looking to partner with them. 

Reasons to partner with Birdeye:

  • Tech support – everything you might need to get up and running is provided by Birdeye. This includes access to Success teams to learn from best practices. 
  • Partner Strategic Growth initiatives – strategic support and opportunities for growth of your and your clients’ business. 
  • Partner Marketing – this includes demo accounts and Scan Listing Tools.

Reasons not to partner with Birdeye:

  • It’s expensive to partner – a starting price for a partnership program is $10000/year.

8.  Klaviyo

Klaviyo is a marketing software dedicated to ecommerce. Its email and SMS features help you automate campaigns and reach customers through in-house data collecting tools. 

Kaviyos agency partnership programs call for marketing firms, email strategists, ecommerce experts, designers, and developers looking to create a new revenue stream for their business. 

Reasons to partner with Klaviyo:

  • Online training and certification – training is provided for your whole team. A library of sales and marketing resources is always available, as well as Klaviyo Certificate for expertise validation. 
  • Continuous support – strategic support, Slack community groups, account management, and coaching are valid for the duration of the contract – not only at the beginning. 
  • Growing benefits – priority access to the leadership team, co-marketing opportunities, and product roadmaps will ensure growth pathways for you and your clients. 

Reasons not to partner with Klaviyo:

  • Undisclosed earnings for agency partners – unavailable percentage or payment for resellers, nor opportunities to move up the scale based on the accounts sold. 

9.  Drip


Drip is an SMS and email marketing platform dedicated to ecommerce businesses. 

Drip is calling for Goal-hungry, Big-thinking Agencies to join their program and learn how to analyze shoppers’ behaviors to target and automate campaigns for better customer experience. 

Reasons to partner with Drip:

  • Support – The drip team will educate you and support your team by providing customizable support for each agency by sharing resources and knowledge on new marketing strategies, automation, and earning potentials. 
  • Perks – revenue sharing and co-marketing opportunities are provided by Drip for the agency.

Reasons not to partner with Drip:

  • Undisclosed earnings – Drip only provided the information on how you will be able to earn – by sharing revenue. However, there are no exact percentages or any other earning potentials disclosed. 

10. Ingenex Digital Marketing

Ingenex Digital Marketing platform is a dedicated inbound marketing service partnering with HubSpot and Google to provide brand development and services for clients who need a little push with funding marketing. 

Reasons to partner with Ingenex Digital Marketing:

  • Education and support – starting with education regarding software up to continuous support throughout the duration of your contracts, Ingenex will help you grow your clients’ base and revenue.
  • Meeting with the director of client services – a one-on-one meeting where you can talk about your marketing goals and how to achieve them.

Reasons not to partner with Ingenex Digital Marketing:

  • Undisclosed earnings – unfortunately, Ingenex Digital Marketing haven’t disclosed earning streams.

Quick checklist, takeaways, and conclusion

  • Before applying for agency partnership programs, make sure you test the software, tools, or SaaS platforms to understand growth potential better.
  • If the revenue streams are not disclosed, contact the partnership providers and schedule a meeting to enquire about this. 
  • Each partnership provider will evaluate your agency first, so make sure you apply for relatable programs.
  • Check if there is a fee required for the partnership program. 
  • Estimate the number of customers you can refer monthly and use the disclosed revenue share information to better understand the volume of potential revenue

Partnering with a business can be more than just another revenue source. It is growth potential for your agency, an opportunity to work with different companies and eventually grow your own team. To ensure all this, make sure you consider our Quick checklist, takeaways, and conclusion list first.

Happy partnering.

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